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jimi FITZ is a world-class entertainer, singer-songwriter, producer, promoter, host and radio personality. He is available for live events locally, nationally, and around the world. To learn more and to book a special engagement, please review the materials below.




What can we say about FITZ that hasn’t already been printed in previous Coachella Valley Weekly articles featuring him? The fact that we’re writing about him again and that he is one of CV Weekly’s Top 12 Most Interesting & Influential Men of 2016 is an indicator that he continues to maintain his integrity while developing and promoting events throughout the desert. Read more here


quotes about the music:

His music is a blend of dirty, bluesy rock!

Described as “Johnny Cash meets The Rolling Stones” what really defines the sound is his voice. It certainly evokes Mr. Cash with its raw, deep delivery, more spoken than sung. It’s commanding and haunting at the same time.  ~ JACK ST. CLAIR

There is no spin in the composing and singing from jimi FITZ, he is true to his roots and is solidly focused on his take of today’s American way of life! ~ ROBERT NICOSIA

His lyrics are observations on the world today and this is evident on “American Dream” which is a poignant rumination reminding the listener that despite the current state of things, he still believes that the meaning behind those two words still lives on. ~ JACK ST. CLAIR

AMERICAN DREAM……The song made me shiver…….speaking for me personally it is like an anthem, a recap of what my philosophy is regarding the theme of the American Dream. I do believe in it……..and it’s reassured by listening to the melody, cool rock, no screaming, just pure coolness. ~ A FAN IN ITALY

Jimi’s voice has many of the same qualities of the late Johnny Cash. For me, I think it’s probably what Johnny Cash would have sounded like if he was singing songs with lyrics that related to today’s fast moving culture. ~ ROBERT NICOSIA



videos from the jimi fitz & friends concert at the mccallum theatre:




By George Duchannes, Coachella Valley Weekly

Saturday December 10 music lovers gathered at the McCallum Theatre for Jimi Fitz and Friends a CV Christmas, which was an amazing experience. Hearing all around town how talented each and every single performer was going to be sure had me excited for what I was about to witness. Before the show everyone gathered around the lobby. The room was filled with great energy and excitement as everyone mingled while waiting to see some talented desert legends.

As we entered the theatre we were all greeted by the man of the night Jimi Fitz, host of FITZ IN THE MORNING on CV 104.3. Immediately he makes everyone feel comfortable. As big as the McCallum is Fitz made me feel like I was in an intimate live session in a tiny cafe. Once the music started and all these legends came out one after another I was extremely excited. The ease, talent, and presence each and every one of the performers had was unbelievable. A night not to be forgotten!

I spoke with an attendee of the event, Meagan Van Dyke, also a local musician and employee of the McCallum Theatre. Meagan: “The evening was definitely one to remember. There was simply too much music throughout the night to single out each amazing local artist, but each set brought a level of soul-stirring performances that left me and the audience around me moved to the core. Fitz brought an undeniable amount of talent to the stage. When you have artists like Steve Madaio, Will Donato and The King Brothers all on one stage, as an audience member, you could feel what these guys were laying down. True artists, true local talent and Fitz did not disappoint.”

All in all the night was a success and a very special evening. Special thank you to the amazing talent for putting on such a great show!


By Tracy Dietlin - Publisher, Coachella Valley Weekly

What an amazing show last Friday night at the McCallum. Congrats to jimi “Fitz” Fitzgerald for bringing together so many desert legends in different genres. I loved every performance, but I had a couple standout moments that were close to my heart: Jimi performing “Rockin in the Free World” with Jeff Bowman, Mike Pygmie and Jimmy Palmer was deserving of the standing ovation they received. And I loved watching John Stanley King and Ronnie King perform together; it was the first time I had ever witnessed these two multi-talented brothers perform together.  Kal David and Lauri Bono are always awesome; the consummate professionals that even after all these years still ooze that authenticity.  And Steve Madaio and Will Donato were something special. 

I loved the way that even though this was supposed to be jimi’s night in the spotlight he still made sure to give all the musicians on that stage their opportunity to shine. And they all did! And jimi did too, with a subtle kick in the rock n roll pants. All of jimi’s performances were stellar! And I must give a shout out to Jimmy Palmer, who makes guitars for other people, but that night was a beast playing the guitar!

jimi Fitz and Friends show at the McCallum was one for the books. I highly suggest he makes this an annual event. For those who didn’t attend- it was the show that got away.


By Bruce Fessier - The Desert Sun

FITZ & Friends concert Saturday at the McCallum was like ringing out the old and bringing in the new.

For years, Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope brought their friends to venues around the desert for our special enjoyment. But now long-time radio DJ and concert promoter Jim Fitzgerald has started a new tradition bringing his local friends to the McCallum. It created that same unique combination of great artistry and community. Appearing in all black as "Jimi FITZ,” he weaved his own performances in and around his friends' appearances, providing real crowd-pleasers with Stephen Stills’ “For What It’s Worth” with Penny Unniversity and Elvis Presley’s “Blue Christmas,” which he imbued with clever humor.

Blues greats Kal David and Lauri Bono got the first standing ovation of the evening with their short set. John Stanley King, with his brother Ronnie on keyboards, sang the best version of “Silent Night” I’ve heard and trumpeter Steve Madaio was the most valuable player of the evening with his many appearances, but especially as a featured artist on “Europa” and “Grazin’ in the Grass.”

Chilean guitarist Sergio Villegas was my most pleasant surprise, especially his instrumental number with FITZ and guitarist Jimmy Palmer. But there was so much good music and so many good vibes, it seemed like a nice way to take us into 2017